There is nothing more important than internal peace. 

Are you surprised whenever you hear that someone who was living your dream life COMMITTED SUICIDE?

Fame, money, prestige, influence -- none of these bring happiness by themselves. It is our inner happiness that allows us to enjoy these luxuries and take full advantage of the opportunities they provide. 

Without internal peace, the world is gray and unenjoyable whether we are in a mansion or a dump.

With internal peace, the world is full of joy regardless of where we are.

This is why Peace Unleashed exists -- to help you dig yourself out of the tough spots of life, so you can shed all that excess weight of internal pain you've been holding on to, and finally attain lasting peace that remains unshaken, even in the most difficult circumstances. 

The courses offered here are infused with magic. They are created with love. And their sole purpose is to help you level up. 


Live With An Open Heart

A Guided Meditation Series to Open Your Heart

This beautiful 11-day meditation series demystifies meditation, teaches you how to meditate, and helps you build a daily practice while gradually connecting you to your heart.

We start with a 5-minute meditation on day one and add a minute every day until you are meditating 15 minutes on day 11.

The first five days are spent learning the technique of meditation while connecting to the breath and to the body. You learn to notice thought, release them, and retuning to our breath. You also start to connecting with the body's subtle vibrations. On day 6, we begin to open the heart center and tap into the healing power of creation that resides within it.

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Freedom Through Forgiveness

How to heal your past, release old pain, and unlock your inner peace.

Forgiveness is the most powerful tool we have on our journey into peace, yet it is also the most misunderstood. 

Most of us do not know what true forgiveness is, and therefore are not able to practice it. True forgiveness has the power to set us free from all the excess weight of internal pain we are carrying, so we can move forward into our future as our True Selves. 

In this 4-week course, you learn HOW to forgive fully, and in doing so, you dissolve the past, and free yourself from all the residual effects of unforgiveness within your body, your relationships, and your life. 

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Fundamentals of Internal Peace

Discover the peace inside you in 21 days.

Our peace is never outside of us. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to find it. 

Like the sun that doesn't cease to exist during a rain or thunder storm, our peace too remains intact during storms of anger, anxiety, frustration, depression, overwhelment, or fear. 

This 21-day daily mini-series is a roadmap toward the peace that already resides within you. Every day for the duration of this course, we explore a different aspect of the internal world in order to find new, empowering ways to find harmony with it. 

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