Meditating in a Group - Interview with Ellie Shoja

We are excited to announce that an interview with Ellie Shoja was published in an article titled "Here's Why You Should Try Meditating in a Group," written by Elizabeth Blasi for Aaptiv Magazine. 

Excerpt from the article


Along with expanding your mind and sense of awareness while practicing group meditation, some believe there is a biological and chemical occurrence that happens when people choose to meditate together. According to Ellie Shoja, founder of Peace Unleashed, “We are all vibrational beings having physical experiences. And as such, we are all connected. The easiest way to see the effect of this interconnectedness is when you witness someone you care about experiencing something. If they’re experiencing joy, you’re more likely to experience joy with them. If they’re in pain, it might physically hurt you to be in the vicinity of their pain.

“When we meditate, our vibration naturally rises. When we meditate in a group setting, we have an opportunity to experience the clarity of someone else’s raised vibrations. This is why, for first-time meditators, being in a group can be comforting. Because even if they are not able to quiet their own thoughts enough to allow their own vibration to rise, they can take advantage of being in the vibrational vicinity of the raised vibrations of more seasoned meditators around them.”

It’s often comforting to hear others who are experts in certain practices share their personal journeys and what brought them to where they are now. It’s reaffirming that everyone has to start somewhere. For Shoja, after her divorce six years ago, she felt lost. “I was off-balance, and I didn’t know where to turn. At the time, a friend of a friend was hosting small group meditation at her home every Monday evening. I started attending. Even though we met once a week and meditated for only 15 or 20 minutes, I started seeing the positive effects of meditation on my life and my state of mind. So, when this friend asked if I’d like to attend a ten-day silent meditation retreat with her, I didn’t have to think twice to sign up.”


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The Power of Silence - Interview with Ellie Shoja

We are excited to announce that an interview with Ellie Shoja was published today in an article titled "Power of Silence" by writer Fiana Tapp for The Fabulous. 

Excerpt from the article 


Ellie Shoja, a spiritual and meditation instructor from California, has sat and served at Vipassana retreats several times. She explains the practicalities of a silent retreat and how people quickly adjust to life without speech.

“You do not communicate. The purpose of this noble silence is to allow students to go inward. As the days go by, a natural flow begins to take shape. Doors get opened and shut, common areas get cleaned, food gets served and consumed, without anyone needing to speak with anyone else. It is quite a spectacular thing that happens. After a few days, it feels as though you are there by yourself, even though 200 more people are sharing the experience with you,” she says.

She states that the strict routine and schedule helps participants to fall into a rhythm which aids and supports their meditation goals.

Shoja explains how developing new habits can help us to achieve clarity of mind and purpose. “Long periods of meditation forces us to break old thought patterns and build new neural pathways. We build the discipline of waking up early, eating healthy, sitting in meditation without fidgeting, and quieting the mind. This makes it much easier to form new thought patterns in our daily lives,” she says.


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