Part 5: Mental Habits of Peaceful People

Gratitude is perhaps the most underrated and underused tool in our arsenal. It has the power to change our entire life and unlock possibility in our lives, but we are often skeptical of it. Why? Well, because it is way too simple.

Click on the image to download the e-book.

Click on the image to download the e-book.

Peaceful people, however, KNOW the power of gratitude and make it a point to live gratefully.

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Part 4: Mental Habits of Peaceful People

Today, we enter the realm of deliberate creation. This is something most people do not practice. Peaceful people, however, tend to be far better at creating the life they actually want than their non-peaceful counterparts.

Why is this? What’s the secret sauce that seems to be reserved for those among us who are unshaken by the storms of life? Why do they get to be so lucky?

It has, in fact, nothing to do with luck.

Peaceful people are just better at choosing their thoughts deliberately. And when they choose their thoughts, they inadvertently choose their lives. So, it’s no wonder that they feel more grounded and in control, because they ARE more grounded and in control.

If you’re being tossed around by life, you might want to watch this video, and then try to practice this today and EVERYDAY.

This is how you take back control over your life and ground yourself in your own power.

And do let me know about your experiences in the comments below.

Part 2: Mental Habits of Peaceful People

Peaceful people have a different relationship with their emotions than most of us do. Mainly, they don't cater to them. They understand that their emotions are fleeting — here one moment, gone the next. So, they weather their internal storms with a sense of wonder and even curiosity as they watch them pass.

If you want to be more peaceful like these peaceful people, see if you can start observing your emotions instead of getting sucked into them. Try to step outside of the emotion for a moment and just watch it.

What does it feel like? How does it feel inside your body? Where do you feel it? What is present when you experience these emotions?

The simple act of observation turns you into the observer instead of the emotion. And if you’re the observer, you’re not under the control of your emotion.

What do you think? Have you tried doing this yet?

Let me know about your experience in the comments below.

Part 1: Mental Habits of Peaceful People

Have you ever wondered what makes peaceful people so… peaceful?

In this 5-part video series, I share some of the mental habits peaceful people practice, so you too can incorporate these into your own life and find more internal peace.

On day one, I talk about how peaceful people see peace itself and those events that threaten their peace.

Those who have made it a habit to be unshaken by life’s ups and downs see peace as something that is innately part of who and what they are. And they see all those events that get in the way of their peace as temporary and fleeting inconveniences (even that might be too strong of a word) that will eventually disperse the way clouds might disperse after a rainstorm.

What do you think?

Do you see peace in this way? Or do you feel that peace is something outside of you that you need to attain through some type of effort?

Let me know in the comments below.