Here's My Promise to You - A Manifesto of Sorts

Have I welcomed you to Peace Unleashed yet? Have I told you what this is and why I've felt compelled to create this space? If you're curious about what inspired this website and the Instagram account that came before it, you needn't go far. The About Page contains all this information and more.

The point of this first post, however, is not to recap all this history, but to make a commitment to you. 

You see, on this journey through life, it is my belief that we are always walking each other home. In every interaction we share with one another -- whether it lasts five minutes or five years -- each of us is at once a teacher and a student. 

That goes for you and me as well. You have found this website, which is my soul made manifest in pixels, and by the virtue of your presence, you have joined me on this path toward wholeness. As you use this content to receive the lessons you need on your journey back to Source, I am receiving my own lessons from you. This is what it means to walk each other home. 

But before we embark on this journey, I want to make you a commitment. What you're about to read are my promises to you. I will do all that is in my power to honor and to uphold them. 

I promise to share with you all that I know. 

If you've read my bio, you know that my childhood was not exactly conventional. I have gone from wanting to end my own life at the age of twelve to being one of the happiest, most optimistic people you may ever meet. My glasses have such a rosy sheen that I feel the sun is always shining on me, even in the dead of night. 

My personal "transformation" was not overnight. I knocked on many doors, explored many roads (not all spiritual or wholesome), and spent many hours in conversation or introspection. Throughout this 15-year journey, I developed theories, techniques, ideas, and language that helped me break through my own internal walls and heal the wounds that were holding me back from living my full potential.

Along the way, I had opportunities to refine these ideas and techniques by sharing them with those in my inner circle who were suffering as well. 

I promise to share with you all that I know with the hope that these teachings might help you shed the weight of your past, so that you can simply be the beautiful, infinite Being beneath all that pain. 

I promise to receive your feedback without ego.

Whatever your thoughts, suggestions, grievances, or experiences might be, I want to create a loving environment where you feel safe to share them.

I promise to receive what you share with compassion and with love. If your inquiry requires a response, I promise to respond thoughtfully and as quickly as I am able.  

If your comments trigger anger, defensiveness, or any other form of separation within me, I promise to look within myself for the source of this pain, and (if possible) to return to you with gratitude for helping me identify and heal yet another wound.

I promise to maintain the open flow of energy.

What I share here is not of me, but merely flows through me. I am the faucet and not the water. 

If these teachings resonate with you, it is the union of our Souls that you are feeling. That's why these words feel so comforting.

I promise to remain in the knowing of this Truth even as our relationship deepens and Peace Unleashed unfurls into the garden that it is. I promise to not hold on to any praise or personal attacks, and allow them to flow through me to the place whence the inspiration had come. For I know that closing the faucet in either direction (whether it's inspiration flowing from Source to you, or your praise flowing from you to it) turns the waters murky and interferes with the work we are here to do. 

This is the commitment I make to you. 

With Love,