Hello Beautiful Soul, 

Thank you for being. 

My name is Ellie Shoja. I'm a Mindfulness Coach with a colorful past, a contrast-filled childhood, and a deep love in my heart for you.

If you've been receiving my love notes via the Peace Unleashed Instagram account, you know that my affection toward you is genuine, and that I take intense pleasure in seeing you thrive. 

I believe you are infinite, creative potential personified in the body you currently occupy. I believe that you are Source energy, and that every moment, you have an opportunity to co-create with this greater, divine part of your Self. I believe your natural state of being is one of peace and of love, and that when you are connected to your True Self (the vast Beingness within you that holds the answers to any and all questions you might have), you tap into your True Power. 

Life is not supposed to be hard. Creation is not supposed feel arduous. And if it is, this is an indication that you are separated from your Source -- from your True Self.

The opposite is also true. When you close the gap between the physical and non-physical parts of yourself, you become your potential. You don't just level up -- you innovate every aspect of your life. You become the divine creator that you are, capable of ushering into existence anything and everything that you desire. 

My role here is to simply be, do, and say whatever needs to be expressed for you to find your alignment with your True Self, so that you can unlock the vast potential hidden within your grasp.

So, call on me, if you need me. I am here to serve. 

With Love, 



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Why I Do This Work


Some of the ideas, techniques, and beliefs I share with you can seem out of touch with reality. It might be easy for you to mistake my unwavering optimism for naiveté, or to think that my nearly-constant state of joy is the result of a balanced childhood devoid of turmoil. 

I've had people who meet me say things like, "Well, it's easy for you to be happy. Your daddy probably gave you everything you wanted," and "You could never understand what it's like to be poor."

These assumptions, however, could not be farther from the truth. 

The short version of my extremely unconventional childhood is this: 

My father was a con artist -- a bona fide, shape-shifting, always-on-the-run, manipulative con man who spent most of his life under the guise of identities that weren’t his, conning our unsuspecting friends and family members out of their livelihoods. 

As con men often are, my father was extremely paranoid, charismatic, controlling, and abusive. I spent much of my childhood and young adulthood in the clutches of anger, depression, nervous tics, and suicidal thoughts. 

To add a layer of further intrigue to my already exciting life, we moved almost constantly throughout my entire childhood. I lived in Iran, Turkey, and Germany before moving to the United States at the age of fifteen. In Germany, where I lived from the ages of nine through twelve, we spent nearly two years in refugee camps, moving eight or nine times per year.

At the tail end of our German excursion, my mom worked up the courage to leave. She took me and my sister and we fled to Iran. I have not seen or heard of my father since. 

When I was twelve, I decided there was no God, because a God that allowed children to suffer as I had could not exist. Needless to say, my early life was laden with contrast, and it would take me many years before I could appreciate and take advantage of the expansion opportunities a childhood like mine provides.

It took me many years of internal work to find my way back, and when I did, it was with a clarity and confidence that comes from experiential validation. 

For now, I will spare you the details of my journey back to Source, but I can tell you this: I spent the last fifteen years deep-diving into myself in search of answers. What began as a desire to "heal" the many scars of my chaotic and often violent childhood, became a journey into creation itself, and resulted in an ever-deepening spiritual connection with the Divine within. 

I have found a deep sense of peace that remains unshaken under the most stressful circumstance.

I would like to share all that I have come to know with you, so that you too may find peace, and live your best life yet.

If you are looking for my professional background, you can find it HERE.