Like the sun that does not cease to exist during a storm, peace too remains intact beneath storms of our turbulent emotions, patiently awaiting our return.


A message from Peace Unleashed Founder

It is my mission, my desire, and obsession to help you level up by unleashing the peace that resides within you. Lasting internal peace is achieved when we close the gap between our physical human selves and our infinite, non-physical Beingness, which holds all of our potential.

When you close this gap and live from this place of peace, joy, and connectedness to your Inner Being, your life expands exponentially, and you become a deliberate creator, living the life of your dreams.

This is my wish for you. My desire to see you thrive is what has moved me to create Peace Unleashed. Every resource you find on this site serves only one purpose: to help you remember your own perfection so you can live your best life.

Ellie Shoja
Founder of Peace Unleashed


Accelerate Your Healing with Individual Coaching


This is the most popular coaching option. During one-on-one sessions, you will work directly with Ellie Shoja to address any pressing issues or questions you are working through, or you can follow a curriculum Ellie has designed to help bring to the surface all that needs to be processed, healed and released. 

A Full Day of Healing

A full day of spiritual conversations, practices, and exercises, all designed to help you connect fully with your True Self and launch you into your Highest Purpose. Think of this as surgery for your soul, where you will work directly with Ellie Shoja to identify, heal, and release whatever you need to shed in order to untangle the knots of resistance within you and connect you to your Source. 

Private Group Workshop

For families and groups of friends who are on a healing journey together, the Private Group Workshop provides a unique opportunity for deepening relationships, bonding, and healing. Fully customizable to fit the group's needs, this workshop includes activities and exercises designed to create a Mastermind that can endure long after the workshop is over.


Book Ellie Shoja as a Speaker or Panelist 

With over a decade of presentation, public speaking, and training experience, Ellie Shoja is an ideal speaker or panelist at your next event. Her ability to communicate complex topics in compelling, easy-to-grasp language is one of her greatest gifts. Coupled with her deep love of her audience and a complete understanding of the internal world, Ellie is able to bridge the gap between thinking and feeling in such a way that leaves audiences inspired and energized. 


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“Ellie's gives off an energy that is hard to put into words. You feel soothed by her presence and also aware that there's a loving, non-judgmental entity before you that you should connect with.”